Corporate Identity

I.M.T. was founded in 1980 as a commercial and engineering company to export worldwide used German and other European plastic machinery.

We are specialized in second hand machinery and buy, overhaul and customerize according to the special uses of our customers.

Our know how and technical experience will help you to increase or to expand your production of plastic goods economically.

The European plastic-market has to face a strong competition. Because of this situation many converting companies have to close down. The whole plastic industry has been decreased for a couple of years and low product prices and keen competition are forcing converters to invest in the newest and most up to date machinery with no demand from domestic producers.

The positive advantage in this case is that International Machinery Trading has been able to buy much of the extra plastic machinery that has now become aiviable on the second hand market. We can offer an even greater range of equipment to manufactures who see the sound financial sence of buying reliable second hand machinery from an equally reliable supplier. Whether it costs a few hundred or even as much as 1 million Marks all I.M.T. equipment is inspected and serviced and can be reconditioned and rebuilt where necessary and full guaranteed. The policy of fair dealing with buyer and seller alike has build our reputation and helped expand our business to the point where we are now, one of the major suppliers from Germany to the domestic market and the world of all types of second hand plastic machinery and plant.

The efficency of our distribution and the expert advice of our consultancy engineer means you can be sure of a bargin from I.M.T. used equipment from our company

means you can get faster return on your investment and your machinery has better a chance of holding ist value over the next few years. Let me explain by example, why the purchase of a used machine can be interesting.

Take a 4 colour printing press with common pressure cyl. and flying splice. Such a machine still corresponds with todays standards. As a new machine it would cost approximately DM 800.000,--.

This price incl. about 25 - 35 % for commision, profit and etc.. The rest would be approximately 50 % the cost of the machineparts where damage would not occur, such as piping, frame, casting parts etc.. Parts that could wear out or be damaged make only a minimum percentage of the costs of a new machine.

After we in our workshop have replaced the worn out or demaged parts the overhauled machine will be as good as new, for the approximate total price of 25 - 40 % of a new machine.

The quality of the machines manufactured in the seventies and eighties is absolutely sufficient to meet the requirements of nearly all new markets.

Another advantage besides the price is the uncomplicated and simple technology of these machines which can be operated by unskilled workers after a short training. In addition to that, we offer the technical training of your personal, the desmantelling and professional assembly of complete machines and factories for full operation.

This introduction can give you a small impression of our company.

We are looking forward to discusing with you, your personal requirements and needs.

Thank you for your attention.

Can I.M.T. sell your unwanted machinery?

Do you have any machinery you wish to make redundant? Maybe you have some machines that are no longer used due to change in work or customer demand. If so, rather than keep them, let I.M.T. sell them for you.

WeŽll inspect your epuipment and give you a considered opinion on a realistic market price. On our agreement, we will handle all aspects of the sale, which could include:
* Advertising
* Listening in our stock sheets
* Advice to potential buyers
* General consultancy
* Taking into our stock
* Price negotiation and final delivery
* All for fee of just 10 % of the final selling price.

Several customers use I.M.T. to sell their unwanted epuipment, simply because their skill is in producing, not selling hardware. By using the specialists, they obtain maximum market price, without wasting their own time and expense (including the hidden costs of management involvement). As an extra service, I.M.T. can have virtually any make af plastics machinery serviced and refurbished, if necessary, before it is offered for sale.

Film Extrusion and Bagmakers

We will convert and update your L. D. film plant to enable you to utilise the latest materials, i. e. linear
L/D P/E or HD PE and mixtures. We convert your bagmakers to modern servomotordriven machines.


Remember I.M.T. are also the largest buyers of machinery into their own stock

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